Re: Merced to suck

Daniel Veillard (
Fri, 7 Aug 1998 03:47:06 -0400

Quoting Robert Harley (
> For those with eyes to see, it's been obvious for along time that
> Merced will be crap. Now some people are suspecting it's totally off
> track e.g.:
[references removed]
> You don't say!

And who will gain from it ? The Alpha/PPC/x86 cloners for sure but
it will certainly be a disaster for at least two major Unix workstation
vendor who were (still) thinking that doing a treaty with your worst
ennemy can be of any help, namely HP and SGI who both stopped working
on their own chip line waiting for the merced. This isn't that bad for
HP since they sell mainly PCs and they coproduce the chip so they problably
gained something anyway, but Silicon Graphics is in trouble. I bet that
they will have to build a new Rxx000 series in emergency if they don't
want to loose the last part of their workstation market shares.
The story is "the low profile attitude doesn't work in the market battlefield",
maybe the 8 figure salaries at the head of these company will end up learning
that lesson.

> Goin' on holiday,

Veinard !!!
I miss the French summer hollidays, between 2 and 4 weeks in a row for
everyone, every year ... next year maybe!


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