W3C jobs to Ms again?

Tim Byars (tbyars@earthlink.net)
Fri, 7 Aug 1998 09:48:12 -0700

(I'm hoping for some clarification on this from someone at the W3C.)

First let me explain the title. No that isn't Steve Jobs, that's jobs as in
jobber in Pro Wrestling. If you've ever seen Pro Wrestling you will see
these guys that come out, obviously out of shape and lose the match. They
are called jobbers and their job is to lose and make the guy their losing
to look good. Hence the title, W3C jobs to Ms again?

If my suspicions are correct the ? should be changed to a !.

Let's look at a recent spec from the W3C:

> All RGB colors are specified in the sRGB color
> space (see [SRGB]). User agents may vary in the
> fidelity with which they represent these colors, but
> using sRGB provides an unambiguous and
> objectively measurable definition of what the color
> should be, which can be related to international
> standards (see [COLORIMETRY]).
> Conforming user agents may limit their
> color-displaying efforts to performing a
> gamma-correction on them. sRGB specifies a
> display gamma of 2.2 under specified viewing
> conditions. User agents should adjust the colors
> given in CSS such that, in combination with an
> output device's "natural" display gamma, an
> effective display gamma of 2.2 is produced. See the
> section on gamma correction for further details.
> Note that only colors specified in CSS are affected;
> e.g., images are expected to carry their own color
> information.

My take on this is the W3C has rolled over for Ms and their use of sRGB. So
if you have a Mac/Sun/Linux (I'm guessing because I can't seem to get an
answer) you are not going to see the colors or going to see different
colors in CSS than what some flub on his Packard Bell Win'98 box gets.
Worse the flub on his Packard Bell will be seeing the correct colors.

Let's read on:

> Values outside the device gamut should be clipped:
> the red, green, and blue values must be changed
> to fall within the range supported by the device.

Yep that is what it seems like to me.

So someone correct me and tell me I'm wrong. Tell me the WWW doesn't stand
for Web/Windows/W3C.



That's OK. He'll burn in hell. - Steve Jobs

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