RE: What it's going to come down to.

Tim Byars (
Fri, 7 Aug 1998 13:29:30 -0700

I'd be willing to bet that Gregory Alan Bolcer at 12:52 PM -0700 on
8/7/98, composed this:

> > Ok, so Monica blew Clinton something like 12 times in 15 months. (Not
> > really a *lot* of action if you ask me) Clinton says to Monica one day
> > over rug burn talk that a blow job isn't sexual relations.
> Oh PLEASE, Tim. Get you are so naive. Let's look at the fact:
> Clinton: I have never had sexual relations with that woman, not one
> time, never.
> Even a non-Arkansas schoolboy like yourself can recognize a double
> inverted negative. He never had one time sexual relations with
> that woman. Duh. Anyone home in there? That means multiple
> times. Problems solved, let's move on.


I didn't know you were a member of "Punks for Republicans OC"

Regardless, it's going to come down to sexual relations vrs a sexual act.
Which should, if my crystal balls are correct, land the whole thing in the
Supreme Court. What is pornography? What is a sexual relation?

Personally I hope Clinton comes on TV with Hillary and says what an out
moded concept marriage is and how they have an open relationship and that
works just fine. I hope he destroys the institution of marriage in this

> Try investigating something more important like
> violating the privacy of 1000+ former whitehouse employees. It
> seems the political machine wasn't satiated with this generations
> republicans, they want to find out next generations too. A minor
> burglary at the College Republican National Committee? Two breakins
> in 3 months at the headquarters and stole $10k worth of computer
> equipment including the 1998 list of the leadership conference. It
> seems they didn't get the computer with this one the first time.

$10K worth of computer eq? No Mac's obviously.



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