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Clover quoth:
> Where the hell is it, what time, etc.? The site sucks in regards to
> pertinent content. I surfed around for a couple minutes and could not, get
> the basics, when, where, etc.

Well, you know it MIGHT be because I'm such a loser I forwarded the wrong note,
eh? Because as much as I love Mandatory, it ain't beer and art...


From: GEN ART <>
Subject: GEN ART Summer Fest!


EVENING, ALL FOR ONLY $10!!! (7pm - midnight)

FREE DURING THE DAY!!! (noon - 7pm)

at EXIT ART, 548 Broadway between Prince & Spring


Today's Hottest New Talent and the Art that may have inspired them...

noon-7:00pm daily Visual Art Exhibition
Their works will continue to remain on display from noon to midnight
throughout the run of the festival.
Michael Alderson
Domenica Bucalo
Anthony Deluca
Christopher James
Andy Madsen
Jean-Michel Basquiat
Louise Bourgeois
Jenny Holzer
William Wegman
Friday, August 7th
>>Live Performance / Art

8:00pm Jim Gaffigan. A pale Midwesterner with a dry and dark, yet often
playful attitude, Jim Gaffigan=92s off-beat original comedic characters have
kept downtown NY audiences howling for years. He has appeared on Comedy
Central=92s Dr. Katz, NBC Comedy Showcase, and commercials for ESPN, Saturn,
and Rolling Rock.Jen=92s RevengeShe trashes her boyfriends (past, present,=
future) with love songs about hate. Rosanne Barr meets Joni Mitchell=

10:00pm Billy Voss. Billy Voss pulls equally from the center of such
artists as Beck, G-Love and Ben Harper. Delving into acoustic rock, groovy
swing, hip hop, and more, all layered with interesting loops and samples, he
creates his own brand of organic / electric folk.


3:00pm Pousse Caf=E9, 1996. Director: Susan Winter Cast: Dominic=
Anthony F. Hamilton, Beatrix Ost. A wonderfully dry comedy that goes down
as smoothly as an ice cold Martini, this homage to the cocktail is also a
hilarious study of the complexities of family relationships. The timing and
chemistry of the real-life father/son team playing the lead characters sends
this absorbing blend of cocktails and character study over the top.

5:00pm Parting Glances, Director: Bill Sherwood. Cast: Steve Buscemi,
Richard Ganoung, John Bolger, Kathy Kinney. Set during the height of the
AIDS epidemic in the mid 80s, this funny, life affirming film focuses on a
rock star's (Steve Buscemi) discovery that he has AIDS and the impact this
has on his world.

8:00pm Ed=92s Next Move, 1996. Director: John Walsh. Cast: Matt Ross,
Callie Thorne, Kevin Carroll. Ed (Matt Ross - "Last Days of Disco")
thought his life was all mapped out. But he didn=92t plan on getting dumped
by his girlfriend and taking off to NYC, thousands of miles from the
security of his Wisconsin home. Check out the familiar sites as Ed attempts
to adjust to life in the always-entertaining East Village.

10:00pm After Hours, 1985. Director: Martin Scorsese. Starring: Griffin
Dunne, Rosanna Arquette, Linda Fiorentino, Cheech & Chong. What starts off
as an innocent chat over a cup of coffee turns into a Kafkaesque descent
into the bowels of NYC. One of Martin Scorsese=92s most unappreciated films,
this black comedy offers a parade of offbeat New York characters and a
chance to see SoHo before the trust fund babies moved in.

Saturday, August 8th
>>Live Performance / Art

8:00pm Michele Riganese. Beautiful lyricist and musician will sweep you=

10:00pm Saul Williams. A modern-day renaissance man, Saul Williams is one
of the most talented and exciting new artists to come along in years.
Award-winning actor, recording artist, poet and author, he is setting a new
benchmark for creative expression. Join Saul and his band for a unique
evening of music and poetry. Saul is also the lead of the soon-to-be
released "Slam" - Sundance Award Winning Film.


3:00pm Eight Days A Week, 1996. Director: Michael DavisCast: Josh
Schaefer, Keri Russell, R.D. Robb, Johnny Green. Crazy-in-love like his
great grandfather before him, Peter stands under the window of his dream
girl, day and night, night and day, all summer long, hoping to steal her
heart =85 from her beef cake boyfriend who enjoys nothing more than beating
the crap out of Peter on a regular basis. In this quirky comedy, Peter
reminds us all of how we felt at the crossroads of youth and adulthood: full
of heartbreak, hope, and hormones.

5:00pm Fast Times at Ridgemont High, 1982. Director: Amy Heckerling. Cast:
Sean Penn, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Judge Reinhold, Brian Backer, Phoebe
CatesAn 80s classic if ever there was one. Mr. Hand, Jeff Spicoli, Phoebe
in a bikini, and Anthony Edwards before he went bald. Need we say more?

8:00pm Basquiat, 1996. Director: Julian Schnabel. Cast: Jeffrey Wright,
Benicio Del Toro, David Bowie, Gary Oldman, Parker Posey. Julian Schnabel
creates an indelible portrait of the meteoric rise and tragic fall of
Jean-Michel Basquiat in the racy art world of the 1980s. From a cardboard
box, Basquiat literally rises to become an overnight sensation and darling
of the Soho scene. Schnabel=92s intimate knowledge of his subject makes=
film a unique portrait of one 80's icon by another.

10:00pm Sid and Nancy, 1986 Director: Alex Cox. Starring: Gary Oldman, Cloe
Webb. Alex Cox somehow makes sense of the relationship between deceased
punk rocker Sid Vicious and his girlfriend Nancy Spungen. His compassionate
rendering of these two nihilists reveals a tender co-dependency amidst the
heroin drenched punk scene of the Seventies.

Sunday, August 9th
>>Live Performance / Art

8:00pm Jesse Harris. Jesse Harris (lead singer of the Ferdinandos) is an
honest and subtle songwriter. Jesse=92s jazz-folk/pop sound is anchored in=
delicate voice and beautiful guitar phrasing.

10:00pm Squelch. Drum and Bass improvisations


3:00pm Waco: The Rules of Engagement, 1996. Director: William Gazecki.
Who could forget the Branch Dividians and the government siege that led to
the fiery destruction of their compound. This Oscar nominated documentary
takes you on a stunning journey through the entire standoff between Koresh
and the FBI.

5:00pm The Thin Blue Line, 1988. Director: Errol Flynn Morris. Errol
Morris=92 fascinating documentary about the murder of a Dallas policeman.
Meet the convicts and the participants in the criminal justice system whose
interpretations of the evidence led to a hotly debated conviction of a
presumably innocent drifter.

8:00pm Colin Fitz, 1996. Director: Robert BellaCast: Matt McGrath, Andy
Fowle, Martha Plimpton, Mary McCormack, John C. McGinley, William H. Macy,
Julianne Phillips. On last year=92s anniversary of the death of Colin Fitz,
the rock legend, a mass suicide took place at his grave. In order to
prevent another disaster this year, two mismatched security guards are hired
to watch over the grave. A satirical comedy about love, death and rock =91n
roll, Colin Fitz offers a witty look at pop culture.

10:00pm River=92s Edge, 1987. Director: Tim Hunter. Starring: Crispen
Glover, Dennis Hopper, Keanu Reeves, Ione Syke. Based on a true story, this
disturbing film depicts a group of teenagers in the Pacific Northwest and
the conflicting loyalties that arise when one in their circle murders
another. Worth it just for Crispin Glover=92s over-the-top performance.

For more information: call (212) 290-0312.

Open Noon - Midnight
Admission is $10 from 7 - midnight. Beer courtesy of Bass Ale, Pilsner
Urquell, Guinness and Harp.

or visit