The Singles Bar Model of Computing

Roy T. Fielding (
Fri, 07 Aug 1998 19:23:19 -0700

A story in The Industry Standard about Jini has a bit that I just can't
avoid forking:,1270,1349,00.html

The Singles Bar Model of Computing

Objects in the Jini system do not have to be centrally managed and
instead, are matched by a sort of electronic bulletin board that lists
the objects' attributes, according to the company. Sun's chief scientist,
John Gage, likes to call Jini "the singles bar" model of computing since
the process mimics people looking for partners in the real world.

I like this because it describes their archtectural style in the most
basic terms. The only problem with it is that singles bars suck as a
way for people to meet partners in the real world. But it has such
elegance and potential for further analogy.

I think we should start a list of bar terms that can be fitted to
components or connectors in the Jini distributed object model.
I'm sure John Gage and Bill Joy would appreciate such a list.
I don't hang around bars much, but I'm sure Tim and Rohit can
come up with a bunch.

crash and burn --> interface matching failure
beer bottle glasses --> interface matching mistake
lounge lizard --> an object that won't deallocate
bouncer --> security filter

Which is my limit for bar terms. I can't even remember the name of
that vomit absorption stuff.