Re: Internet Browser Idea Arose....

Steve Nordquist (
Fri, 07 Aug 1998 23:22:29 -0500

Can't this be reduced to calling out the VPN that used IP for
banking, options, Reserve Bank newsletters and whatever
else people piggybacked onto its poor beleaguered (heh heh)
applications? That was an '80s thing, the GCA getting flipped
out by Tim and the HyTime rebels was an '83 thing or so, and
of course NeXT was doing wonders for reuse of TeX in '94.

...although, viz 'those applications,' IP over FAX certainly left
something to be desired!

Spurred on by _Business 2.0_ issue 2 (aka Scientific American
for the effette ex Forbes reader; is it upbeat? I can't tell....)
and its mention of 1300 internet patents (93582305: Reading
the Cisco Manual and Applying its Tenets) to be granted
by the FY end in everyone buying Big Books of
Prior Art and backissues of the Technology Yearbook? <--artificially closed 'til the 18th
(monthly, $12, healthier worldview than The Industry St_.)

Too bad the USPTO doesn't have a separate designation for patents
discovered en route, or en router.... Do they? This special status stuff
for designating a US agency to pin things down before trial...ugh.
Like the mango on my face.
Yes Adam, now I know which tastes like which. Thanks.