RE: Music bits; lyrics to "One Week" and "Bittersweet Symphony"

Tim Byars (
Sun, 9 Aug 1998 09:08:18 -0700

At 5:07 AM -0700 8/9/98, I Find Karma came up with this:

> too. Other albums I'm currently enjoying are:
> 1. HIP HOP: The Beastie Boys' "Hello Nasty" is the 1998 version of
> Beck's 1996 classic, "Odelay!" I bet Cobraboy would agree. "I'll stir
> fry you in my wok!" Hey, even the local hip-hop station -- which lately
> smells like the all Puff Daddy station -- has been spinning tracks from
> it

If you actually would take the time to read FoRK posts you would have seen
I called this the album of the year (so far) about a week and a half ago.

> 2. BIG BAND: Following the recent success of Big Bad Voodoo Daddy and
> the Cherry Poppin' Daddies, Brian "Stray Cats" Setzer just came out with
> a really strong set of music on "The Dirty Boogie", including an
> energetic remake of "Jump Jive an' Wail" and an interesting big band
> remake of the Stray Cats' "Rock this Town"

Production on Setzer's album is remarkable, and should win a Grammy. But he
is doing too many covers.

> 3. ELECTRONICA/TECHNO/RAP: MTV's "Amp 2" just came out and it is MUCH
> better than the first Amp compilation. Whether sporting jungle (the
> Goldie, Jungle Brothers, and Propellerheads tracks rock!)

Bzzzt. Wrong. The Pi soundtrack beats this hands down. It's worth the price
just for track #4 from the Aphex Twins.


> I also went to the store and listened to the two albums that spawned the
> Monica/Brandy dueling single "The Boy is Mine," which with 2 million
> copies sold to date (double platinum, baby!) and 11 weeks and counting
> at number 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 is currently the top single of the
> year. My verdict: the Brandy CD, "Never S-A-Y Never" is flat and
> unfocused, while Monica's album is full of nice surprises: a torchy
> remake of "Misty Blue," the sexy "First Night" song whose racy lyrics
> Rohit pointed out to me (this song debuts at #14 on the Billboard Hot
> 100 this week, no small feat), a decent rap with OutKast in "Gone Be
> Fine," and a beautiful remake of "Right Here Waiting" with 112

Missy "misdemeanor" Elliot rules. Get real Adam.

> And I just want to rant for a second about the recent slew of bad
> remakes ("Time After Time" and "Cruel Summer" come to mind). They're
> so bad, they belong in detention. The only thing that could be worse is
> a Puff Daddy autobiography... and I hear that's coming soon

Puff Daddy? You dare to mention that no talent?

Nazi Nazi Hitler Hitler Hitler Nazi Nazi

Seriously though Adam, you can't expect to live in Seattle, work at
Microsoft and know what's going on.



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