Re: Why Steve is God!

Danny O'Brien (
Sun, 9 Aug 1998 23:31:05 +0100

On Sat, Aug 08, 1998 at 06:20:46PM -0700, Tim Byars wrote:
> The iMac is Steve's baby. (BTW Greg I doubt Apple will licence the iMac
> case to Sun. Why compete with yourself? Can you say nMac?)
> Ok so I got out my calculator and since I don't have a Pentium I know the
> numbers are correct.
> Apple currently has 350,000 orders for iMac
> The iMac sells for $1299
> 350k x $1299 = $454, 650, 000

I call to the witness box one Mr Robert X. Cringely (of whom I believe you FoRK
guys are *big* fans):

One thing, it is very doubtful that there will be enough of the
machines to go around. Apple's expectation, I have read over and over,
is to sell 400,000 of the machines right away. I hope they do. They
plan to have at least the first 30,000 of these machines in stores by
next Friday. That, I doubt. As of last week, only about 5,000 iMacs
had been produced. And a random sampling showed an out-of-box failure
rate of 11 percent, which is vastly above Apple and the industry's
average. These are just teething problems, sure, but they are
problems nonetheless. You'll see stories about them.