Lame ass ignorant "friends"

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Mon, 10 Aug 1998 02:37:07 -0700

The nice thing about FoRK is that there's always someone waiting in the
wings to flame us whenever we say or do anything vaguely stupid; see

for example. So it's no surprise that when I asked if impregnation
could occur with penetration/envelopment but no ejaculation in

Rohit responded within a few minutes:
> of course! What kind of lame ass ignorant "friends" do you have, anyway?

Hey Rohit, you should be more sympathetic. Even the smartest of people
can be misinformed, not informed at all, or informed but letting
nonbrain organs proxy for thinking functions. After all, the only
reason I would FoRK this in the first place is that the friends to which
I was referring are some of the very people who put the F in FoRK.

Of course, friends can be ignorant in things nonsexual as well. For
example, Cobraboy jumping down my throat about my music tastes provides
yet another example of how something awful that I write yields something
decent that someone else writes in reaction

> > I bet Cobraboy would agree [that the Beastie Boys' new album rules].
> If you actually would take the time to read FoRK posts you would have
> seen I called this the album of the year (so far) about a week and a
> half ago.

I am not a gambling man, Tim, so the only reason I'd bet you would agree
is that I know the bet is a sure thing:

FWIW, I disagree with you about it being album of the year. I still
like Madonna's "Ray of Light" better.

> Production on Setzer's album is remarkable, and should win a Grammy.
> But he is doing too many covers.

Agreed on all three comments. He's a talented writer; I wonder why so
many remakes.

> > MTV's "Amp 2" just came out and it is MUCH better than the first Amp
> > compilation.
> Bzzzt. Wrong. The Pi soundtrack beats this hands down. It's worth the
> price just for track #4 from the Aphex Twins.

My comment and your comment are not mutually exclusive, Tim. I'm not
sure I like the Pi soundtrack as much as you do, though, because the
songs have a sound that's -- how can I describe this in words? -- well,
that's evil-sounding. I like my music more upbeat, but I guess that's
why the people on FoRK say I'm soulless in my embrace of what's popular.
In music as in other facets of pop culture. As in real life.

> > I like Monica's "The Boys is Mine"
> Missy "misdemeanor" Elliot rules. Get real Adam.

I didn't say she doesn't rule, although her Gap advertisements scream
"sell out" (at least more than Monica, who hasn't done any commercial
endorsements). I like Missy Elliott -- well, at least the one album she
has, "Supa Dupa Fly"

However, that came out in July 1997, and you'll notice I was only
recommending current releases. Also, I'm not so concerned with "street
credibility" as you, Tim. It's harder to rap along with Misdemeanor
than it is to sing along with Monica.

> Puff Daddy? You dare to mention that no talent?

Nothing wrong with Puff Daddy. He brings 70s and 80s music to 90s kids.
He compensates the artists from who he steals, and gives lots back to
the community. You may not like him, but there are millions now who do,
so why deny his existence?

> Seriously though Adam, you can't expect to live in Seattle, work at
> Microsoft and know what's going on.

Actually, I don't think Microsoft has anything to do with this. My
brain burned out years ago. Unfortunately, no one seems to have

Well, maybe Janie noticed in

> It would seem to me that Adam is making a statement that indicates
> a belief (like that of many other Americans) that "mainstream"
> is defined as commercial success in the USA ;-)

Yeah, I was making that misinformed assumption. That's what seems to
drive record company decisions in the US, and as a result I often forget
about our cosmopolitan comrades. I will check out Spirit of the West,
as you recommend.

Also, Richard noticed in a private email:
> > Scent of the Roses focuses entirely on the stresses emerging in a
> > Johannesburg family.
> Sounds a lot like the Magnificent Ambersons (mixed with a bit of
> Beloved), but that was way back when and was directed by that hack,
> Orson Welles, so it can't be any good.....

All right, all right, I take it back; Orson Welles is not a hack.

> >So whenever I'm stressing out and feel the weasels pushing down on me,
> >I'll remember that my stresses aren't nearly as bad as those others
> Until I see you on the side of the road holding a sign saying "Homeless-
> will compute for food" then you are no where as bad when it comes to
> stress.

Because I would never get to the point where I'd compute for food.
I'd sooner kill for food. Heck, I'd sooner kill for beverage.

> > And sure, I have my set of secrets and skeletons in my
> > closet, but who among us doesn't?
> Me. I'm secret free.

Oh yeah, well what about that time I found you naked with a bowl of
jello? And don't tell me you were hot and you were hungry...

> >"Voices Carry" by Til Tuesday
> Any particular reason you would recommend that, although good album,
> instead of the two stellar, stunning, brilliant albums she has done as a
> solo artist (Whatever, I'm With Stupid)?

Because Dan already has those two.

> > 1. HIP HOP: The Beastie Boys' "Hello Nasty" is the 1998 version of
> >Beck's 1996 classic, "Odelay!"
> See John, it is good.

Hey, no one says my recommendations mean something is good.

> >Note that I've also been listening to a lot of Stereolab lately, too,
> >but none of those albums came out this year so I'll stick with
> >endorsements of recent releases.
> Have I not told you about my Stereolab frustrations?I heard something of
> theirs that I liked, bought an album but it wasn't quite what I wanted,
> so I tried some others. Each one just missed the mark of what I was
> looking for. They are the band that has most frustrated me in the last
> year. Are they better serving you? (Which one do you like? Dots And
> Loops is the least frustrating one for me, although I have ETK and MAQ)

I like ETK and MAQ, but haven't heard Dots and Loops. My favorite is
"Transient Random-Noise Bursts With Announcements"

> >And I just want to rant for a second about the recent slew of bad
> >remakes ("Time After Time" and "Cruel Summer" come to mind).
> Actually, Cruel Summer is almost an exact clone, so it therefore can't
> be bad, only pointless.

Right, I forgot the rule of remakes: pointless is okay when you're
releasing the first single of your third album and your second album
was a flop that destroyed all the good reputation you earned from the
worldwide success of your first album.

> > The only thing that could be worse is a Puff Daddy autobiography.
> Don't tell me you are talking down about the Puff??

Of course not. In fact, I'm supposed to be collaborating with him in
the future in a remake of Rolling Stones' "Start Me Up" with Bad Boy

> >Vertigo, of course, is a Hitchcock classic even though it was a movie
> >not released between the magical years of 1980 to 1994
> You can acknowledge that fact? Our little boy is all growed up!!

Yeah, I've started realizing that old movies have certain good features
that movies today don't have. Such as characters and plot.

> >> Like Harrison Ford I'm getting Frantic
> >Harrison Ford is God's gift to movies
> >
> >although Frantic isn't even in his top 10 films
> In terms of his acting it is. Frantic, Sabrina, Fugitive, Raiders of the
> Lost Ark, Clear & Present Danger, Witness, Temple Of Doom, Empire Strikes
> Back, Mosquito Coast are his best acting jobs.

Of those movies, I found Frantic, C&PD, Witness, and Mosquito Coast
really hard to watch straight through.

> >> Like Sting, I'm tantric
> >
> >I think Tantric refers to "any of several Hindu books of doctrine
> >regarding rituals, disciplines, meditation, etc..."
> I think it refers to sex and fucking. As in "Sting, you pretenious
> fucker!"

Actually, he hasn't been pretentious since he collaborated with Puff Daddy
on the 1997 remake of "Roxanne"... (I don't know when to stop, do I? :)

> >I give up why they mention a soccer tournament at the end
> Soccer rules??

Oh yeah, I forgot about that.


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