Re: CobraBoy and Rohits Friday night.

I Find Karma (
Mon, 10 Aug 1998 02:44:16 -0700

Tim, you just noarchived:
> suddenly girls were actually calling him and requesting his presence

Really? You can't just throw this matzo ball out there and then not
tell us what you mean by this.

Details, man!

Also, you need to tell use about CobraBoy and Rohits Saturday night.
Thanks in advance.


It recalls all those horrible films tagged with "Wes Craven presents,"
which soon became a translation for "we gave Wes $100,000 for the use of
his name, but he didn't do anything more than bend over so we could
pucker up and kiss his ass." You know that when somebody has chosen
bending over to actually doing the work, they've truly gone Hollywood.
-- Mr. Cranky