RE: Lame ass ignorant "friends"

Tim Byars (
Mon, 10 Aug 1998 09:11:04 -0700

At 6:13 AM -0700 8/10/98, I Find Karma came up with this:

> > > Of course, friends can be ignorant in things nonsexual as well. For
> > > example, Cobraboy jumping down my throat about my music tastes provides
> > > yet another example of how something awful that I write yields something
> > > decent that someone else writes in reaction
> > [snip]
> > Adam,
> > You have achieved Joe Bar's "thinness of skin." How is it Microsoft
> > instills this so well?
> > -- Tim


> Yes, it worked, I trolled Tim into yet-again posting his "thin skin"
> flame. Of all the flames on FoRK, I love this one in particular because
> it's so one-sided: when Tim does it, it's justified ranting, but when
> anyone else does it, we're Apple-coring bullies.

read the FoRK roles about Apple bashing.

> So how should I respond? I could fight fire with fire and flame him
> right back.

[big snip]

oh I get it, a new batch of speed hit the Seattle area.

never mind.



Nothing can stop me now cause I don't care anymore. NIN

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