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Mon, 10 Aug 1998 11:26:00 -0500

> Well, I got it, at least. But it was subtle so I thought I'd bring it out
> for anyone who wasn't paying attention. But then again Wayne's a clever one
> and I'd wager he was doing the same.

Thanks, Joe. You're too kind. In this case, anyway. I actually hadn't
attained to the entire subtlety of Roy's humor (or humour, in case Lloyd's
reading, or readiung). So, instead of actually being cleveur, I had to let my
disingenous carefulness take over for me. Sort of a variation on the Proverb
"even a fool will be thought wise if he holds his tongue." I tend to drool
when I hold my tongue for longue, so I usually opt for being cryptic, whilst
stabbing at clever. I should have realised from his earlier comments that Roy
is too smart to just bumble into Godwinhood.

Nonetheless, it turned out to be a fairly decent, if unintentionial, troll.
At least I got an "Ah, bloody hell" out of him. Sorry, Roy -- My apologies.

So, what is it - El Nino / La Nina? - that's making everyone so thin-skinned
these days? The general difficulty surrounding most misdiscussions of things
PC (both types)? In my case, it's a combination of recovering from an
enjoyable but exhausting family reunion, raising teenagers, fighting a
woodchuck who's trying to eat my deck, and a hundred other small things you
don't want to know about.

Ob.anagrams by way of amends:

Note, frigidly ~~ I'd glorify net ~~ if not, Gridley ... ~~ fitly ignored
liftin' yer dog ~~ I.e., lying to FDR ~~ fed in trilogy ~~ tile of drying
flying editor ~~ I engird oftly ~~ I try old feign ~~ I'd felt in orgy
O dingy filter ~~ flying to ride ~~ idly to finger ~~ flinty Geordi
trying, foiled ~~ forget in idyl ~~ tiny ol' fridge ~~ tidy ol' fringe
frying ol' diet ~~ gently, I fiord ~~ I'd foil gentry ~~ ironly gifted
yr gifted loin ~~ O nifty girdle ~~ fry Godel in it ~~ tiny golfer id
dignify t-role? ~~ try indigo elf ~~ got Indy flier ~~ lifted in orgy
I, nifty lodger ~~ longer, if tidy ~~ fed nitryl, I go ~~ notify girl, Ed
dig orient fly ~~ reflog tiny id ~~ do reign fitly ~~ I'd rely on gift
O fling Rit dye ~~ DIY for tingle ~~ deify not girl ~~ or fling deity
fry lone digit ~~ I try dingo elf ~~ dirty Leno .gif ~~ try doing life
tie-dying? ROFL! ~~ do flirt-eying ~~ lit fiery dong ~~ dine oft, girly?

Hmmm, perhaps the "T." stands for "Tory-defiling"?


"Y'know, in Austr-eye-lia my voice is as annoying as yours." Crow, MST3K