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Jay Thomas (
Mon, 10 Aug 1998 14:58:24 -0400

I Find Karma wrote:
> Any thoughts, anyone?

Yeah, wait till you're good'n'ready. Cause, even then, you're not
ready. I wanted kids years ago. We are now 1 week (and counting) from
D-day. I'm suddenly nervous as hell. I have a beautiful wife, who is
my best friend/partner/soulmate, who is now suffering (back ache, numb
extremities, poor circulation, hot flashes, cramps, constipation,
nausea) because of what I did, and will only get worse. I want to be
in the delivery room, to see my child & to help my wife however I can,
yet I don't want to be there because I'll be watching my wife
suffering and all I can say is "Breathe, honey! Want some more ice
chips?" How am I going to provide for my family, buy food, make car
payments, mortgage, etc, when we have another mouth to feed and we're
losing Kates salary? And how will I find spare money to put away for
her college tuition (estimated to be $60K/year in 18 years for *state*
school), let alone save money for her someday wedding? Starting in a
week, I'll be getting up every 2-3 hours in the night, every night,
for about three months for feeding/cleaning/changing. Then, it should
regulate to every 5 hours, so only once a night. Trying to change a
squirming 10 lb fragile life form during the height of sleep
deprivation should be, ummm, unique.

I am *SO* looking forward to this. I love my wife, and though I
haven't met her yet, I love my daughter. But God! am I nervous. I'm
glad I'm doing this at 30, instead of 21 or 25. Can't imagine how 17
year olds do this! Knowing now that "my boys can swim" and looking
back at how stupid I was in my youth, I can't believe I actually
dodged this bullet for so long! Thank God babies are so cute, because
the human race would've died out long ago.

My $.02

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