Re: Some thoughts on pregnancy.

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Mon, 10 Aug 1998 17:28:55 -0400 wrote:
> "Our Bodies, Ourselves" gives typical failure rates for Birth Control

<painful snip>
> Male Sterilization 0.15%

Figures the militant radical feminist manifesto would list this as the
best form of birth control ;-)

> However, I do have a question for the list that I hope will get some
> kind of response -- if not to FoRK as a whole, at least to me in
> private.
> My question is this: Is withdrawal equally unsatisfying for men?

Ask yourself this question, grasshopper, and you will have answered
your question: "Did he come?"

> Do men not need to feel "connected" when they climax in order to feel
> satisfied?

No. Okay, not to speak for all men, "I, J.P.Thomas, have absolutely no
problem pulling out." The release is the thing. Sure, inside feels
better than outside, but hey, if men needed to be inside a woman (in
love, candle-light, mood-music, etc) you wouldn't have so many jokes
about sheep, knot-holes, etc. and the fine folks at would be losing their shirts.

> It is well-known that men are much more visual than women
> when it comes to sex (hence the proliferation of girlie magazines and
> such), but is there a deeper difference that allows a man to feel
> sexually satisfied even if he is not physically connected to his lover
> at the crucial moment?

Has nothing (at that point) to do with visual, all to do with
sensation, hence the almost universal hatred of condoms. Again, sure,
being with a woman, being in love, being inside, seeing the pleasure
on her face, all add to the experience, but when it come down to it,
the release is crucial, all else is secondary. Of course, a real man
takes care of his partner, and make sure that theres no...

> leaves women feeling as if they have been abandoned at the precise point
> in the sexual act when they most want to stay connected with their
> partner. As well, when using withdrawal they found it hard to relax
> as they feared that things would get out of control (ie/their partner
> would not withdraw) thus they could not climax. Furthermore, they were
> afraid to orgasm in case this sent their partner in to a frenzy that
> would mean he would forget about his promise to withdraw.

I've found, in my lusty youth, that if I made sure she "got there
first", by whatever manner of foreplay she desired, she tended to be
more relaxed and into it when it was my turn :) Also increased the
chances of "referral sex".

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