WISEN report ... kinda

Mark Baker (mark@conveyor.com)
Mon, 10 Aug 1998 17:59:41 -0400

I promised a couple of people I'd prepare a report on WISEN fit for
public consumption, but just haven't had the time. So, here's the
abridged version, in chronological order (following along at
http://www.ics.uci.edu/IRUS/wisen/program.html if you like);

Day -1
- anybody can *take* a car reservation, but really, the *holding* is the
most important part

Day 0
- Mr. Cockroach meet Mr. Foot.
- a Brit from Canada watching France beat Brazil at a Mexican restaurant
in SoCal
- if you've gotta eat at the same restaurant for consecutive meals, it
might as well be Taco Mesa. Mmmm..

Day 1
- an event is "the effect of the termination of an invocation of an
operation on some object of interest"? Er, really? I prefer Webster -
"a noteworthy happening".
- hey, look at my event notification system!
- Hey, look at all these *other* event notification systems! AKA, "Hmm,
maybe if I talk a mile-a-minute, people will be impressed!" 8-)
- no, no, look at *my* event notification system!
- how does one define "on-line" for a printer, anyhow? This has got to
be the furthest thing from a "killer app" ever. Ick.
- satellite delivery of notifications. Cool. Fairly large scale, with
end-user QoS demands being satisfied
- fast, fast, fast - at any cost
- hey, look at my event notification service!
- XML + HTTP-extensions. Too simplistic, but looks ok if that's what
you want. http://www.ics.uci.edu/IRUS/wisen/presentations/Cohen/
- Lots to be learned from flexibility required of presence protocol
standards. http://www.ics.uci.edu/IRUS/wisen/abstracts/abs_day.html
- More XML/HTTP! Weeee..
http://www.ics.uci.edu/IRUS/wisen/presentations/Reddy/ See Roy, it's
not just a Redmond disease. Oracle's at it too.
- BLIP isn't trying to be a general architecture. Good thing.
- sex slave, Catalina island, Rohit's love life, UCI cops, "If he dies
tonight, I'm ok with that", coming across as "the quiet guy" once again

Day 2
- magically awake 15 mins before it starts, on 2.5 hours sleep. Don't
wake Rohit - not sure why - could have something to do with said 2.5
hours sleep. Oops.
- Waldo presents Java Distributed Events API (released with Jini). Ok,
but where's the protocol? Sure, so maybe we can't have just one
protocol for everybody, but maybe we can have one that can do 80% of
what we need it to - don't you think Jim? Even 50% would be quite an
accomplishment. Gosh, look what kind of event notifications have been
done on top of just SMTP.
- damnit, reliability is *not* a core requirement of the protocol.
"Reliability" in a distributed environment is an app-level concern.
Doesn't anybody keep up with this stuff? <sigh>
- IETF ISEN BOF - should be interesting. May not be ready for
standardization, but the cost of not doing it could be too high. Sounds
like we're ripe for a 5 year standardization effort!! 8-O
- Some interesting scaling metrics presented. Not just message
throughput, but group membership change rate too ... others ..