Re: get a small, teeny, tiny, CLUE!

Daniel Veillard (
Mon, 10 Aug 1998 18:38:42 -0400

Quoting (
> Here's my stupid idea for the day. Start a service:
> or or something whose
> mission in life is to eliminate poor WWW design by
> being a proxy that filters out graphics, garners the
> main pages of the site, and generates a dynamic
> page based on the target page that relinks all the text
> in a nice, quick, easy to access, layout. Portals
> shmortals. Why do the user configurations have to be
> at the server side? The client should be able to
> redo any WWW page that the user feels is not well formed
> for their purposes.

And here is my stupid idea for the implementation of the
stupid idea for the day: filter out all images, font info and go back
to readable/printable content. Accidentally you could put the service
on :-)


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