Re: W3C (and hence X r16?) jobs to MS again?

Steve Nordquist (
Mon, 10 Aug 1998 03:44:57 -0500

> Chris, Sally, FoRK --

I much prefer the GCA standard that allows one to specify the
complete electromagnetic behavior of your output (within linearity;
no printing out BBO or YAG, but light pipes are okay, screen
selection permitting!) Perhaps this ability is slated for the AutoPC,
since the SUV is an obvious location for a printing press
or rapid prototyping shop (bass-hardened spec permitting.)

DirectChoke lives?!; on one hand your jobs are all
posterized by previously unused AMD K6 silicon, on the other
green marble looks worse if this is so. How old, on the other
hand, is the Designed for Caldera Linux certification program?
Ripped on a V2200
My Other Palm III Runs Our Sattelite
Riva Reticle 2.322.002 beta
GSM-fired Steaks
Designed for Sharing, Reuse and vLicense(r)
This product obliquely nods to the June '98 VRML2.0 Standard
while choking IBM software and OpenGL firmware
Designed for SetCPU

...what's this Adam's doing with double-clutching children
to ensure offspring reliability? I'll get you 3 tiny t-shirts
that say "I'm with depr...".