Re: [WSJ] On Microsoft stock options. ==> The cost of grad school.

Gregory Alan Bolcer (
Tue, 11 Aug 1998 10:57:08 -0700

Mr MacOS X says[1][2]:
> Sure, lots of things. What if you had gone to Microsoft and you
> worked so many hours and got so stressed it destroyed your
> relationship with Michelle? Would that have been worth $5.5
> million?
> -- Ernie P.

So.....the 90's isn't the decade of greed? Go figure.


[1] So Rhapsody was pretty much dead even before it is born.

[2] I want to goad the good Dr. Ernie on his favorite
subject: I put into Altavista: +Rhapsody +Ernie +Fork MacOS
The first two links?

11 matches were found.

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