Re: Deep Thoughts on pregnancy

Steve Nordquist (
Tue, 11 Aug 1998 15:27:56 -0500

> I Find Karma wrote:
> > It's interesting that informed adults still have debates like the
> > following one: A couple of my friends this weekend were trying to
> > convince me that coitus interruptus is a perfectly good
> I hope it wasn't me! On one hand you can get worse, in theform of
> lecture-circuit feminists who (still) think that:
> The 700 sheep ova that didn't become embryos in
> the research project that begat Dolly were stillborn
> or partial births (as opposed to no result/mutation
> autonecrosis/freezerburn/we-got-what-we-came-for-
> and-that's-that.)
> On the other, less heavily loaded hand,
> you can pore over the conflicting research viz. perhaps
> should a gal get pregnant and only 'carry' for a short period
> the first time, or get pregnant on a schedule after that
> fashion, in order to maximize lifespan and premenopausal
> phase; or does the sports bra still fit well/what does
> this do for one's appetite?

> Similarly, there are probably early (2 weeks?) amniocentises
> or other indicators which offer a fitness test of each allomere
> conjugation; you can freely create test cases until you're satisfied
> you have the superperson you've always wanted as a child.
> That doesn't address disease (ah, fungus) or promiscuity options
> or 97% you mentioned. It also doesn't cover the stress of
> 'settlers' thing in contested regions, major variables like population
> density (which completely changes numbers not provided above
> for effects of pregnancy, cancer rate as applicable, etc.) should
> you go to ROW for some length of time.

Esp. given the haddock social scene on those seedy W3C things(Australia, not

> It may have root in Piers Anthony's wonderful fiction book on
> the priest who gets inducted as the Prince of Darkness (not
> Wolfgang Puck...) but I always thought the succubus' opt to
> stay on or interrupt was to decide whether she gets your soul
> (i.e. yet.) The 50% figure for Chicago is impressive...incubus city!
> Those who can't own Chicago rent....
> From Mon Aug 10 22:50:36 1998
> > The nice thing about FoRK is that there's always someone waiting in the
> > wings to flame us whenever we say or do anything vaguely stupid; see
> The final problem begging: When a hindbrain is not releasing endorphin
> or orgasm, is it writing SQL, or just waiting for the body to go into shock
> from some stress in order to reset mechanisms responsible for endorphins
> and orgasm, then the rest of the CNS?
> Hence hiking.
> But why mudding?