Re: OS X & Rhapsody

Jeff Bone (
Tue, 11 Aug 1998 16:11:19 -0500

> OS 8.x and below ~= Win16 (Windows 3.11 and below) - cooperative
multitasking, single address space
> OS X = Win32 (Windows NT) - preemptive scheduling, separate address

Oooh, ahh, look at the pretty innovations from Redmond? So, continuing
the series:

Win32 = UNIX circa what, 1971? Or with X, circa mid 80s?

But no, not equal: still no networked windowing, and still with a
completely fucked scheme for dealing with multiple users, still a
completely fucked idea of filesystems and file permissions, multiple
braindead and inconsistent driver models, a piss-poor virtual memory
scheme, a completely bloated and flatulent set of system APIs, a
poorly-defined notion of the "standard user environment," inconsistent
administration interfaces / concepts, etc. etc... Need we bring up the
grotesque *differences* between the vendor's two systems (95 and NT) and
contrast them with the *cross-vendor* portability of POSIX? How about
the complete lack of reliability in comparison to even poor,
student-hacked free UNIX implementations?


Hey, I didn't start this thread. ;-)