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Nope, I'm pretty clueless in this area. I mean, I've used RCS and BCS (BCS =
RCS with branching, done at Carnegie Mellon), and then at Microsoft I've
used SLM (pronounced Slime) and more recently Visual SourceSafe. I know
there are really fancy systems out there based on repositories and/or object
oriented databases, but I don't know anything about them.

I have a friend (Steve) who (if I remember correctly) did his thesis on
source control systems - but that was several years ago and I don't know if
he's been tracking the literature or the market.


- Joe

P.S. Sexy? Remember, you're talking to someone who has fun writing device
drivers and file systems :-)

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Random query, here... and up front, yes, I realize that
this is about
as far from sexy as one can get. ;-) Anyone have any
pointers to
detailed comparisons, formal or informal case histories,
etc. for
various SC / CM systems, both free and commercial?

Thanks in advance,