RE: OS X & Rhapsody

Joe Barrera (
Tue, 11 Aug 1998 18:19:37 -0700

> Huh? They did. The interface is called Carbon, and it was
> provided in draft form at WWDC. Methinks you assume too much.

Methinks you're right. Methinks also the SJM article screwed up the facts a
bit, particularly the two paragraphs I quoted. Well, I guess it's comforting
to know that it's not just Microsoft that they get stories wrong about.

For anyone else still following this conversation, see for info on Carbon.

> can be compiled to run on either Mac OS 8 or Mac OS X.

Hmm. Why not binary-level compatibility? It would be a lot more convenient,
both for app-writers and users.

Actually, now I'm really confused. Will a Mac OS 8 app binary just not work
on Mac OS X? How about older Mac OS apps? Will no old apps work on Mac OS X?
Or will all old apps EXCEPT carbon apps work on Mac OS X? Or is it just that
carbon apps will run more efficiently if recompiled for Mac OS X?

- Joe

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