RE: OS X & Rhapsody

Joe Barrera (
Tue, 11 Aug 1998 19:47:10 -0700

> Hoooo, if right that's lame !

Yep, I'm now pretty confident I'm right - check out
<> - select is in neither POSIX 1 or 2
(which I guess is 90 and 96?).

> Probably one the side effects of the
> SYSV/Bsd war, and the Streams vs. Socket :-(((

Yep, probably.

> to see say Oracle source, and count the #ifdef PLATFORM_XYZ, then do a
> uniq -n | sort , to get an estimate of the divergence to "Unix" per Os, I
also bet
> that the Window code is doesn't share much with the original, poor guys

I've heard that they have a OS-independent layer to protect them from all
the various Unix variations, just to get around the #ifdef problem. I also
think I've heard that they've recently gone native on Win32. But I'm
certainly no expert on Oracle code!!!

- Joe

P.S. For amusement value, check out
<> - OS/390 is
Unix, while BSDI and Linux are not. Sort of reminds me of the final scene in
Orwell's Animal Farm.

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