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Joe Barrera (
Tue, 11 Aug 1998 22:24:09 -0700

> We do that here in Texas. I hear those New York boys do that too.
> C'mon, Joe, there's lots better stuff in my rant to take shots at. ;-)

Well, the rest of it just gets kind of smushy and subjective and religious.
Like, what do you mean by "piss-poor virtual memory scheme"? Hey, I like
Mach's VM better, but NT's is reasonable, and certainly better than the
pre-Mach Unix virtual memory systems. Like, it has copy-on-write and mapped
files. (When did mmap start working on BSD? Was it 4.3? At any rate, I think
I was already at CMU and working on Mach.) A fucked idea of file system
permissions? I'll take NT ACLs over Unix groups any day, thank you. (And
groups were even more crippled before BSD, if I remember correctly, since in
pre-BSD Unix you could only belong to one group; of course in standard Unix
fixed-limit style, BSD just bumped this to eight [yeah, I know, "just
recompile the kernel if you want more" - same story for file descriptors,
etc. - of course, the kernel uses statically allocated arrays, so you always
end up paying for the maximum number of X that should have been dynamically
allocated in the first place - oh jeez, where am I? Two levels pushed...])
Well, it goes on and on.

BTW, if you haven't picked it up already, I am/was a serious BSD bigot (4.2
> V...)

- Joe "I remember the days before I was assimilated" Barrera

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