Re: Amazon orders...

Ron Resnick (
Wed, 12 Aug 1998 04:02:18 -0400

Joe Barrera wrote:

> 1 copy of "At Home in the Universe : The Search for Laws of
> Self-Organization and Complexity"
> Stuart Kauffman; Hardcover; @ $35.00 each
> (Available immediately)

When you've done reading this (as I just did a few weeks ago),
let's do a disc. about it? [Kauffman is clearly a biologist.
That stuff rings plausible. His computing/econ stuff is
generally full of shit, imho]

> 1 copy of "The Stl Primer"
> Graham Glass, Brett L. Schuchert; Paperback; @ $42.00 each
> (Available in 2-3 days)

WRT your earlier questions about "what comes after the
STL honeymoon", in the case of G.Glass, he apparently
seems to have moved on from STL to discover:
- Java
- standard Java class libs instead of C++ template libs
- mobility

He's the main guy behind Voyager's arch.

When you're done fooling
with C++ Joe, feel free to join us at the Java party :).

> I've heard that they have a OS-independent layer to protect them from all
> the various Unix variations, just to get around the #ifdef problem. I also
> think I've heard that they've recently gone native on Win32. But I'm
> certainly no expert on Oracle code!!!

I've gathered this as well. I teach Oracle folks every month or
so. By osmosis from my students as to what's going on with OAS
and Oracle8 development, I gather that the native development
base is now NT with Unix ports derived thereof, Solaris first in line.
That's unofficial and unverified, of course. They've been working
for ages, of course, on automated porting tools and layers, but
that stuff only gets you so far, esp. when tuning for performance etc.