meme scheme

Gregory Alan Bolcer (
Wed, 12 Aug 1998 08:19:15 -0700

> This meme had infected them at a Boston brew pub, they said. When I
> checked the domain name it hadn't been claimed. That changed quick
> [34], and the No Web site is now a member in good standing of the
> Technology Front's eclectic stable. Please write if you come across
> any other commercial establishments sporting the No Web meme.
> [33]
> [34]

My personal pet peeve of the day: I hate with
all my hart the above definition of meme [33]. This
is my definition:

A meme is the simplest or smallest concept or idea that can be
communicated between two people.

If the concept is not simple or small, it's not a meme, it's
a culture.