more on POSIX [FW: The FoRK firehose]

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Subject: Re: The FoRK firehose

>> As somebody who was deep into Posix IPC and threads as it was happening,
>> and did his designs to specific drafts of said specs, I can guarantee you
>> that Posix-1g supported both poll() and select().
> > That URL you specified Joe, says that both poll() and select() are not
> > specified, so something's gotta be wrong there.
> Bizarre. I'd love to know what's really going on here.

You and me both. You think a resource at the Open Group could be counted on
be authoritative. Sheesh. If only the IEEE would put the specs on-line,
noooooo, they've gotta charge for hardcopies and assert copyright (or at
they did 4 years ago).

A little more investigation has turned up this, from the Unix Programmers

"Note: select() was introduced in BSD, whereas poll() is an artifact of SysV
STREAMS. As such, there are portability issues; pure BSD systems may still
poll(), whereas some older SVR3 systems may not have select(). SVR4 added
select(), and the Posix.1g standard defines both."