Re: Flawed Web sites deserve a fork in the head.

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Out of order flawed websites post. Take 1 arrival 2.

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> > The creators of flawed web sites just never get to hear about their errors.
I wrote a 3.4 megabyte java applet that steps a user
through a 15 minute survey on the minor details of
a WWW page perferences like whether they like flames or spinning
logos. So far, the only people to respond are the
AOL people.


> Now the differences: These concentrate on Web usage and
> computing experience. On the Web side, the AOL customer is
> actually online longer than the ISP user. The average AOL
> user is online about 10 hours per week, and the average ISP
> user is online about 8.5 hours per week. And if we look at
> what they do, the big difference is in the chat/newsgroup kinds
> of activities. AOL users are more likely to be talking to other
> users. ISP customers are much more email and shopping
> oriented. But AOL customers are more active buyers. In
> the end, the survey concluded that AOL subscribers just
> take longer to think when interacting with their software.

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