Re: vi Kicks Emacs' Ass!

Daniel Veillard (
Thu, 13 Aug 1998 01:24:26 -0400

Immediate answer: of course ! You didn't know ;-)

Quoting Jeff Bone (
> I wasn't able to attend, but found this nugget amusing... At Linux
> Expo, there was a paintball tournament which pitted vi proponents
> against Emacs' sycophants. Eric Raymond (of The Cathedral and the
> Bazaar) had this to say about the results:
> "The teams' combat styles were allegorically perfect. The vi guys were
> fast, aggressive, and sloppy; the Emacs team was slow, tried to think
> things out and play tactically. Result? The vi guys waxed the Emacs
> team, winning three out of four games. Evidently (as many on both sides
> later agreed, amid much laughter) paintball rewards different virtues
> than programming."

I got two VI Tee-Shirt from this memorable event :-) Gave one to
Gerald, another W3C FoRKer and also a vi user (Well vim actually).

After the good old' Os war on FoRK here comes the Editor one :-)

I'm just wondering what will be the them of the next paintball
war a Linux Expo 99. I bet KDE vs. Gnome, for those who don't follow
the Linux community, that's the two most proeminent work done toward
building full desktop on Linux (or any decent Unix platform). Actually
I'm a Gnomer...

infos at: , a bit older, more usable right now, somewhat
"classic" in the look an feel, but unfortunately built on top
of the Qt library which is not "free" and this generated one
of the finest flamewar ever seen in the community (and that's
not the first one). Adopted by Caldera and SuSE distributors. complete "Bazaar" development model (your
servitor too), based on the Gtk widget set (from the Gimp
graphic program + theme support), RedHat has half a dozen
people working nearly full time on it's development. Check (the image is big
but worth it, get a magnifying glass if needed !).
(There is paintball event picture on the same site).

Both are based on integration of application/and services, using
Corba for communication. KDE define the Window manager, Gnome let
the choice with some hook for better integration, KDE relies heavily
on C++, while Gnome is a pure C based approach. But both support
(or will support) scripting from various languages via Corba (Perl,
Python, and Lisp like languages are to be supported).

The linux addict,


P.S.: Mail written from vim within Mutt of course :-)

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