RE: The FoRK IdeaLab.

Tim Byars (
Thu, 13 Aug 1998 12:17:03 -0700

I'd be willing to bet that I Find Karma at 11:02 AM -0700 on 8/13/98,
composed this:

> Greg wrote:
> >
> > > Maybe you should keep em all in a web page and be an "idealab"
> > > for wannabe startups...
> > Maybe if we can come up with a couple more.
> Well, there's one in particular I like, but I don't remember who came up
> with it. It might have been you, or maybe it was Rohit or Dan Kohn.
> The idea is a "desktop database" that maintains indexes of all of the
> information on your desktop file hierarchy for advanced queries. If the
> maintainence isn't done in realtime, it's at least done, say, at a
> user-defined interval like once a day.

sheesh... yeah, what a fuckin' great idea! why didn't someone think of that?

oh... nevermind it's built into MacOS 8.5



DIVX sucks,

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