RE: [NYT] Clinton Weighs Admitting He Had Sexual Contacts.

Tim Byars (
Fri, 14 Aug 1998 09:18:37 -0700

At 4:53 AM -0700 8/14/98, I Find Karma came up with this:

> So once again, Tim Byars proves he has the insight to go the distance.
> The persona of "CobraBoy" gets it right not just in his Apple posts, but
> in other things as well -- as he put in his posts "What it's going to
> come down to":
> and
> well, let me just quote it:
> > Regardless, it's going to come down to sexual relations vrs a sexual
> > act. Which should, if my crystal balls are correct, land the whole
> > thing in the Supreme Court. What is pornography? What is a sexual
> > relation?
> >
> > Personally I hope Clinton comes on TV with Hillary and says what an out
> > moded concept marriage is and how they have an open relationship and
> > that works just fine. I hope he destroys the institution of marriage in
> > this country.
> I can't say I agree with the sentiment that marriage is outdated. I
> like marriage. Like the research by sociologist Linda Waite of the
> University of Chicago points out, married people are healthier than
> their unmarried counterparts:

Ok let me clarify that. I hope he states that the conception of marriage.
The faithful, monogamous part is out dated. That marriage as a partership
is intact, marriage as a ball and chain is not.



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