Re: laptops & airports: what's the drill?

John M. Klassa (
Fri, 14 Aug 1998 14:09:30 EDT

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<< On the flip side, how dangerous is it to stick a laptop in your checked
luggage? I imagine it's not such a good idea... >>

It is dangerous to stick anything in your checked luggage as it runs the
danger of being lost, stolen, broken, etc... I can't help but think of the
time that TWA lost my bag and I went into the lost luggage room to pick out
its description off of a chart with every type of bag you can imagine on it.
One of the choices was a live animal cage. If you're telling me that they
haven't ever misplaced one of these, you are probably wrong. One can assume
that the same courtesy that is extended to Fido and Fluffy will be granted to
your precious laptop...if you're lucky. Better to make a scene at the
security check before you leave than at the lost luggage offfice when you get