On 86 [was: The Singles Bar Model of Computing]

Sally Khudairi (khudairi@w3.org)
Mon, 17 Aug 1998 13:29:16 -0400

Same in the gastronomic industry, but without the "10-"

I believe more details can be found in Bruce Henderson's "Waiting; Waiters'
True Tales of Crazed Customers, Murderous Chefs, and Tableside Disasters"

As an ex-chef and committed epicure, I can say that the book was a mindlessly
easy read, generated three audible "heh"s, and was promptly 86ed to the
Wellesley Book Exchange.

- SaL'

Gregory Alan Bolcer wrote:
> > Jeez.... To be 86'ed is to be so drunk that your cut off and asked to leave
> > the bar.
> >
> > Example: I can't go anywhere with Rohit, he keeps getting 86'ed.
> >From my ex-lifeguarding days, 10-86 means 'discard' or 'trash'.
> So the equivalent would be trashed off his ass and discarded.
> We should make up other codes for other RPB's(*).
> Greg
> (*)Rohit Pattern Behavior(TM).
> RPB 10-86 10-11 Roger, 10-16 Sierra India Delta Sierra, 902 Mike