Researching your own disease

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Jay Bistay was diagnosed with a rare from a cancer called mantel cell
lymphoma (MCL). Because the disease is so rare that there is little
published research on it, Bistay's wife turned to the Internet for help. The
Binstays became part of a 100 patient and doctor email group devoted to the
discussion of this disease. Through the e-mail group, the Binstays found out
about a possible cure for Jay's disease. They discovered a Cancer Center in
Houston where Jay was eventually treated. According to Ann Bistay "Our
contact with the MCL group soon became our life line." The Bistays are just
one example of the new tool people are using to gain more control of their
health choices. "The Internet is revolutionizing the way that people are
getting information about their health care," said Gordon Hay, director of
the Life With Cancer program at Inova Fairfax Hospital. [SOURCE: Washington
Post (Health 10,12), AUTHOR: Mary Beth Franklin]