Re: iMac (fwd)

Tom Whore (
Mon, 17 Aug 1998 14:42:52 -0700 (PDT)

On Mon, 17 Aug 1998, Tim Byars wrote:

> Anyone check it out? Or beter yet buy one of the little screamers?

First thoughts

I went down and checked it out this weekend. I said HELLO to the imac:)-

Great little box. If the proce comes down to 800 for the base unit Im
defintely going to buy one for the old mom and step dad. Its perfectly
suited for the One Stop Never Upgrade box that should replace the whole
WEBTV thing..If and only if the price comes down.

The screen is nice and crisp. I liked the feel of it alot. The fact that
it is bolted into the same box as the cpu totaly limits if functionality,
but if your going to use it as a dedicated web brower/net games machine
(if they can get the games ported over) this is not a problem.

The HD is only 4 gig, which for causl users shouldnt be a major problem.
If your goingt o do seriously net dling on it I would sugest hooking it
into the home net.

I was amazed that the Evil MS was not only bundled but shows up on yer
desktop:) A nice touch by bill, and somethign most of the folks I saw
using it were using with little problem.

No floppy...well in the case of the mom scenerio this is not much a
problem, else you better have a CDR somewhere or have it hooked up to the
home net.

The case....its ...interesting. Reminds me of Fisher Prices MY FIRST
series. Sort of mint green and transulencet spooish. The flap wher the
"jacks" are kept seems like it could be a problem if its crammed into a
tight space. Bit its a hell of a lot nicer than having to reach in the
back of the beast every time you need to jingle the auido cable.

I gota say though, while most folks loved the keyboard I hated it. It was
bearly there. I tend to go heavy on the input, so it was a tad delicate to
my touch. I need big keyboards on my main rig.

Also..and I know this is an overall apple thing...ONE BUTTON MICE??..come
on man, its the 90s, adapt and learn. While it makes a statement of
Liadbachain proportions to Apples ONEness, it leaves me wanting more.

Speed wise, It was impressive. Things loaded nicely and snaped up. There
were enough apps bundled with itto make it able to work out of the box.

Im glad the upped the modem speed to 56k rather than the 33.6 origianly
planned for.

All in soon as it hits 800 im there.

"12 years latter and...well...its got a new case..."