Re: Stupid Ideas

Gregory Alan Bolcer (
Wed, 19 Aug 1998 08:26:51 -0700

> > American currency used to be larger. They reduced its size in the 1920s
> +/- a decade or so.
> <>
> Currency was reduced in size by 25 percent and with uniform portraits on the
> front and emblems and monuments on the back.

I've always held out hope that they'd switch to a color
format. If you've ever seen the portraits of the presidents
in the White House. They are done in reserved browns and
minimal colors. I always thoguht they should use the latest
technology, particular color and resolution. The Treasury
is working with copier companies to put viruses in their copiers
to prevent perfect copies of currencies. That and the US as
recently as 1994 was considering military strikes against
Iran for unabashedly printing near perfect copies of $100's,
one of the major reasons we got a new Franklin.

I did a search using Lycos' picture and sound on
Abraham Lincoln. One out of 10 were useful. Interestingly
when they first came out with this search engine, I put in
Stephen King, it came up with a couple of book cover
images, but otherwise the whole result was completely
useless. It hits about .3% of relevancy from my
experience. They've got a ways to go.