Customized Colour Schemes
Thu, 20 Aug 1998 15:04:21 -0500 (EST)

My co-worker and I are in the midst of configuring a dozen new
networked PC's for our library lobby. Our machines are all going
to be running Windows 95 since that is the campus standard. All is
going well, except for one little problem... hope someone
can give us the answer ...

On one of the new machines I have created a customized colour scheme
that uses 5 custom colours generated by RGBs. We now want to install this
scheme on the rest of the machines without the hassle of going into the
Control Panel for each and spending 10 minutes futzing about. Here's
the problem, we can't find the file where our customized colour scheme
was saved.... where the heck is it? We have named it and it is now
part of the colour schemes available under the Appearance dialog
box, but it is nowhere to be found on our hard drive.... how can
we access it as a separate file?

This seems like a lame-ass question and I am embarrased to be
asking it, but time is at a premium here and I don't have anymore
time to be wasting on this...

Diva (who is seeking information in the most effective manner she
knows how -- by asking a group of experts).