Re: Customized Colour Schemes

Gregory Alan Bolcer (
Thu, 20 Aug 1998 13:08:24 -0700

> On one of the new machines I have created a customized colour scheme
> that uses 5 custom colours generated by RGBs. We now want to install this
> scheme on the rest of the machines without the hassle of going into the
> Control Panel for each and spending 10 minutes futzing about. Here's
> the problem, we can't find the file where our customized colour scheme
> was saved.... where the heck is it? We have named it and it is now
> part of the colour schemes available under the Appearance dialog
> box, but it is nowhere to be found on our hard drive.... how can
> we access it as a separate file?

Reboot it a couple of times. That'll fix it so that all
the color schemes will be the same, i.e. they'll all default
to the initial one. You are one brave woman, I wouldn't
configure more than 3 systems without a Ghost'ing package.