Re: [Nextwave] Overcoming the Bad Habits You Learned in Grad School.

Steve Nordquist (
Fri, 21 Aug 1998 02:39:42 -0500 wrote:

> Re:
> > Weakness #2: Poor People Skills

> .....

> Do not give us incorrect or incomplete citations and expect us to
> find the item for you immediately.
> Don't expect us to have something Fed Ex'ed to you from a far away
> city on Interlibrary Loan because you need it immediately and
> forgot to request it until the day before you leave for a conference.

See, my FAVORITE part about the reference desk is coming in right
behind someone -halfway- there (i.e. is ordering a book with a patently,
but less so than last time, wrong reference, and who did not like, read
the book which was (nonetheless) crucial last time) and getting:
"This had better not be about intercollege interlibrary loan out of
state requiring FedEx!"

When in fact it is in-state and courier-only.