[TRAVELMAN]ia -- Chicago, Baltimore, New York, Wilton, Boston, ...

Rohit Khare (rohit@fdr.ICS.uci.edu)
Fri, 21 Aug 1998 01:56:54 -0700

It will eventually kill me, I know, but I keep at it...

[and doesn't that just say it all?]

The OC-3 just got back from a hectic daytrip to Cupertino yesterday. The day
after Adam and Bill Gates began with Steve Jobs and ended with Tracy, but I'll
leave that
supercalafragilisticexpialodocious tale to mon scribere, CobraBoy...

Moral: Reno Air can really screw you over by not only leaving on-time, but
ahead of schedule. Or else you can wait an hour and a half for a forty-five
minute flight.

Next up: IETF

I'm leaving this morning for some personal visits in Chicago (a lone cousin
from Bombay) and to work with Adam over the weekend on a hoped-for ICSE paper
(to say nothing of some NOTIFY charter-bashing).

Friday 8/21 UA 54 LAX 6:45A ORD 12:28
Friday 8/28 UA 127 ORD 5:00P LAX 7:12PM
Locator V4KG7W; $204

I'll be at the Drake for a night, then at the Sheraton (with Adam, Roy, Jim,
and I'm sure a whole smattering of other utensils... but MS is buying Adam a
bump up to the Towers -- c'mon over for free drinks in the afternoon :-)

The Drake
140 East Walton Place
Confirmation 285 013 224

The Sheraton Chicago Towers
301 East North Water Street
Saturday-Thursday nights

On Tuesday, well, I'll miss the IETF social, but it's for a good cause:
celebrating (?) after the NOTIFY and HTTP-NG BOFs at

Over the weekend, I'm still toying with making it to Rob Harley's wedding, but
it seems iffy: Saturday, August 29 in Sevres, France.

Failing that, a few days in LA to pay bills, clean up the NOTIFY website and
WISEN and HTTP-FUTURE reports, then it's off to Adam's wedding.

After a very convoluted series of customer-service calls to liberate my
grandfather's dormant 23,998-mile account (left over from a trip to America in
1992), I got an open-jaw Delta award ticket:

Tuesday 9/1 SNA-BWI
DL 850 11:10A 6:46P ATL
DL 474 8:00P 9:48P BWI

Wednesday 9/9 BOS-SNA
DL 1099 5:55P 9:05P SLC
DL 2115 9:45P 10:32P SNA

[Note that while Hilton comped me 990 points on the spot to issue an award
draining my once-legendary HHonors account, Delta required a 2,000 mile AmEx
transfusion to cover a 1,002 mile deficit. Better than the $1186 retail on
this trip, though...]

This means I'll start out at home, hitch a ride with my folks to Long Island,
take the train into New York City, crash with Duck or Bondi or Leif or someone
in New York, hitch a ride to Adam's wedding, climaxing on Labor Day and hitch
another to Boston to see old friends.

AND THEN, perhaps, six weeks without going anywhere at all outside the Great
State of California (gotta prove my residency for the subsidized UC tuition,
ya know).

November, however, is another matter entirely: tutorial at CSCW in Seattle,
with Jim at FSE-6 in Orlando, Hacker's in Santa Rosa, my parent's 25th wedding
anniversary in DC, and possibly even a BART talk for good measure. The only
firm bit of that itinerary is:

AIR> Nov 24 UA # 198 LAX --> IAD 10:00 pm 5:36 am (Next day)
AIR> Dec 1 UA # 221 BWI --> LAX 7:50 am 10:05 am
This customer was quoted $283.48 (per person) for this trip

December, for that matter, includes another Orlando (the IETF) and perhaps



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Rohit Khare -- UC Irvine -- 4K Associates -- +1-(626) 806-7574 http://www.ics.uci.edu/~rohit -- http://xent.ics.uci.edu/~FoRK