Re: Smoke Different

Gregory Alan Bolcer (
Fri, 21 Aug 1998 08:07:58 -0700

> Hey Wayne, you're just using the wrong dictionary. Try:
> PIZZLED: An inebriated state of some sort that loosens up one's wallet. You
> can get pizzled on papapot [69UBIK], or by "pizzling away at the bottle."
> [70MAZE].

They are trying to ban Internet gambling because of the fact
that they say people get pizzled at home and then go blow the
contents of their wallet for the next 20 years pushing
buttons on their keyboard. Heck, Dell makes their computers
with little automated round cupholder things, the next step
is just to put an alcohol dispenser in it, right? A little
Internet gambling, a little Internet shopping, and for
those of you into that sort of thing, stumbling off
to a nice Internet porn site, a little I-sex, a date with a RealDoll,
or maybe even a package deal on the AOL chat sites, discounted
airline tickets, a rental car with champagne, roses, condoms,
and a nice secluded area of the LA short term parking lot.

I think they better revice that $300B e-commerce number up a little. 8-)