Re: House of ...Gates.

Steve Nordquist (
Fri, 21 Aug 1998 13:49:11 -0500

I want a tour of the storeroom!Spare 70' post.
Spare matching flawless woodwork.
Extra wallpaper --organized by dye lot, charted to hanging implementation--
Lots marked ?!?!?

> the downtown Seattle REI store: lots of exposed wood, rock, concrete,
> flowing wooden stairways and open space.

...and often enough, teenagers under close watch! Plus everyone else.

> As we stairwayed down,

it seems to have rubbed off a bit (making you burnished rare junglemateriel, I
suppose,) effectorizing verbing.

> .....[more amenities than Monsanto makes]

> 11. Security system (automated and personnel) is redundant. Hidden
> cameras everywhere including interior stone walls. Sensors in the floor
> can track a person to within 6 inches. System is monitored at the
> Microsoft campus.

6 inches?! They'll put flaws in the wood. Or maybe
it has a little Ewok village defense grid tucked....

I can just picture project pathfinder trying to get to the gates
before they opened...
"Luxurious 1-inch Goodyear driveway that wasn't there
before...fantastically textured front gates which play
TrustObey as the wind whistles through them."

> 12. Gates has a personal 4-car garage. House for the maintenance staff
> has its own 3-car garage. Nanny parks in the 6-car carport across from
> the main entry. An additional 20 cars can be parked in a subterranean
> arched concrete building which through an electronic transformation
> becomes a basketball court.

Gotta go; my ride turns into a basketball at 12.

> 23. Shower curtain next to the spa is a 4500 pound slab of granite.

Studly, g-boy! Wasted and drained is the best time to work out....

This must be why Larry Ellison invents all those weird games,
with billg shadowing him like this.

> Clearly I am going to have to make (and/or steal) several billion
> dollars or run a competing company

w/ competing lobbyists? Hey, sounds like this was energizing to you.

> or get elected to public position

h-oooui. I motion for appointment!

> before I will be invited to check out those amenities.

> no way 99.99999%
> of our planet could even begin to fathom the level of decadence that
> megadollars can afford.

Lots of places have $54m temples. Heck, that could be thecost of your education in

> The main lawn was greener than a well-kept golf course.

CaRnIvORouS gRaSS. KeEEp OOuuT

> Twenty twelve-seat white round tables were strewn across the lawn, with
> immaculate white chairs and shady (sic) umbrellas.

> at least the stock price of the company has soared from 85 on June 8 to
> 111 as of August 18

Whoops. Darn these fair-valued companies.

> a word; it was eerily silent. He's dressed in an Izod-like blue
> collared shirt and khakis, colored socks and boat shoes. Very casual.

Good thing you didn't ask him about iMacs. "Brochure?"

> > "Bill Gates is so rich, he could buy Janet Reno's affection."


> Come to think of it, this would not be the first time a multibillionaire
> had expressed such plain sentiments to me. Rohit was with me in October
> when we met Warren Buffett, and he also exuded

I need exuding classes, and quick. Effusion, too. Maybe all the Es.I'll start
ebilluating e-vectors until effulgent. (I saw it in a movie once.)

> from relaxation???? Certainly you cannot have bazaars this way -- you
> cannot even build cathedrals this way!

It beats meeting the barrel -fast- on its way up...but there'sa word for toning one
skill in a given gamut at a time....
As soon as you invent it. 'Zooming' doesn't catch it all, does it?

> Dessert consisted of the freshest fruits and what can only be described
> as a chocoholic's dream of confectionry and culinary delights.

*They're not at bad as I think!* Now to send the Ozric Tentacles.

> -- Pi, the movie,