Re: [InfoWorld] DCDs may not supplant DTDs after all.

Ernest Prabhakar (
Fri, 21 Aug 98 19:51:22 -0700

Well, that is in fact the typical industry term for Marketing
Marketing Manager =3D=3D Product Manager

The reason is that the whole "product" includes a lot more than =
just the technology. It includes packaging, support, collaterall, =
etc. So, we get to claim the 'product' as our responsibility.

Still, I do find the title a little pretentious, so I rarely use =

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Infoworld quoth:

> > "There are some things you'll need that a DCD provides that a =
DTD does
> > not," said David Wascha, product manager for platform =
marketing at
> > Microsoft.=20

Marketing =3D Product

hmm... that would imply

Product =3D Marketing

"At Microsoft, Marketing is Job #1"


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