Tom Clancy Speaks

Dan Kohn (
Mon, 24 Aug 1998 08:48:50 -0700

I read Rainbow Six
this weekend. It was a hugely enjoyable read, but was not very
substantial in retrospect. The one thing I give Clancy huge credit for
is his ability in '91 to immediately see that the Cold War was over, and
to come up with just fascinating new threats: drug wars (Clear and
Present Danger), nuclear terrorism (Sum of All Fears), Japanese/Chinese
militarism (Debt of Honor), and state sponsored bio-terrorism (Executive
Orders). Rainbow Six also features Ebola, but it includes a new concept
of warfare by non-state agents (a corporation).

My favorite scene has the head of the Sierra Club agreeing that all of
us humans are killing the Earth, and the only solution is to wipe out
several billion people. You don't get to see that level reactionary
polemics in most #1 bestsellers.

The attached interview has to be the most unfriendly I can recall.

- dan