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Steven Levi (
Mon, 24 Aug 1998 17:15:39 -0700

Sorry, I have not been tracking this at all. DSEE was the best available at
the time. The authors have spun off their own company based on this (not
sure of the name). Beyond this my info is quite stale...


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Nope, I'm pretty clueless in this area. I mean, I've used
RCS and BCS (BCS = RCS with branching, done at Carnegie Mellon), and then at
Microsoft I've used SLM (pronounced Slime) and more recently Visual
SourceSafe. I know there are really fancy systems out there based on
repositories and/or object oriented databases, but I don't know anything
about them.

I have a friend (Steve) who (if I remember correctly) did
his thesis on source control systems - but that was several years ago and I
don't know if he's been tracking the literature or the market.


- Joe

P.S. Sexy? Remember, you're talking to someone who has fun
writing device drivers and file systems :-)

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Subject: Source Code Control /
Configuration Management Query

Random query, here... and up front, yes, I
realize that this is about
as far from sexy as one can get. ;-)
Anyone have any pointers to
detailed comparisons, formal or informal
case histories, etc. for
various SC / CM systems, both free and

Thanks in advance,