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Gregory Alan Bolcer (
Tue, 25 Aug 1998 19:02:53 -0700

Always topical, always interesting, always fun to spend
a day and a half up in the Bay area. Hopefully this will
answer the question of what's new in the boring old world
of configuration management. 8-)


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Subject: Sept 11 BART: CM over the Internet
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University of California at Irvine
Irvine Research Unit in Software (IRUS) -

is proud to sponsor the

Bay Area Roundtable (BART)

Scaling for the Internet Series, meeting 8
Configuration Management Over the Internet

*Friday, September 11, 1998*
9:00am-9:30am: Coffee/Network
9:30am-12:00pm: BART Meeting
Hyatt Rickeys Hotel - Palo Alto
4219 El Camino Real

There is a $15.00 charge for non-sponsors.
Checks should be made payable to UC Regents.
This charge is waived for students and the unemployed.

Versioned Java Packages in the JP Programming Environment
Michael L. Van De Vanter, The Forest Project, Sun Microsystems Laboratories,,

As part of an investigation of scalable development techniques for
systems written in the Java(TM) programming language, the Forest
Project at Sun Microsystems Laboratories is building JP, an
experimental programming environment. This talk will describe key
technologies and directions in JP: reliable system building
(replacing make), orthogonally persistent object storage using PJama,
tool integration via Java interfaces, and versioned Java packages
as a unifying concept.

Biography: Michael L. Van De Vanter is a member of the Forest Project
at Sun Microsystems Laboratories, which is investigating software
development technologies and persistent object systems. He has
previously worked in the industry and taught at California Polytechnic
State University at San Luis Obispo. He holds a B.S. in Mathematics
from Stanford University, a M.S. in Computer Science from M.I.T.,
and a Ph.D. in Computer Science from the University of California
Berkeley. His research interests include software development technology,
the human factors of software development, and advanced program
editing systems.

The New Age of Technical Collaboration in the Enterprise
Steve Reynolds, Director of Product Management, StarBase,,

The enterprise development environment is changing in several
significant ways due primarily to two factors. The first factor
is that development resources are becoming more and more distributed.
As a direct result of the Internet and the scarcity of key development
resources, the ability to communicate with and coordinate geographically-
dispersed project resources is a key development requirement. The second
factor is that the contributors to the development effort have increasingly
diverse backgrounds, not all of which are technical. For example, the
advent of web development has directly involved sales and marketing in
the development effort, but these team members are often overwhelmed by
the technical complexity of most Software Configuration Management products.
Until development tools that address these factors are deployed in the
enterprise, true technical collaboration will not occur. StarTeam 3.0,
which will be demonstrated during this presentation, was designed to
address these factors and promote enterprise-wide technical collaboration.

Biography: As one of founders of StarBase, Steve has been involved
in the design, development, and marketing of tools for technical
collaboration for over five years. Starting with the Windows-based
Versions product, Steve was directly involved in the design and
development of StarTeam, a software configuration management tool
that combines version control, change management, and knowledge
sharing. With the latest release, StarTeam provides web browser
interfaces, Java based class interfaces, and platform independent
access. Prior to StarBase, Steve has held the positions of vice
president at a major Savings and Loan and lead software engineer at

Coordinator: Sriram Sankar, President, Metamata, Inc.,,

Meeting 9: Friday, October 9, 1998
Topic: Scaling for the Internet Series, meeting 9
Speakers: TBA

For the most current information, see our schedule of events on the web:

To receive electronic announcements instead of hard copies, send
email to:

with subscribe as the first word in the Subject line.

The Irvine Research Unit in Software wishes to thank its
corporate sponsors:

The Boeing Company * Boeing North American, Inc.
Microsoft Corporation * Northrop Grumman Corporation
Raytheon Company * Sun Microsystems Laboratories * TRW

Beckman Coulter * FileNet Corporation * Printronix, Inc.

Continuus Software Corporation * Hewlett Packard

For further information on IRUS,
contact Debra Brodbeck at (949) 824-2260;

Hyatt Rickeys
4219 El Camino Real
Palo Alto, CA 94306
(650) 493-8000

Take the San Antonio Road south exit. Follow San Antonio Road two
miles to El Camino Real turn right onto El Camino Real. Hyatt Rickey's
is one half mile on the right just before the second stop light.

Take the Page Mill Road exit. Follow Page Mill east to El Camino Real
and turn right on El Camino Real. Hyatt Rickey's will be on the left,
at the corner of East Charleston and El Camino Real (approximately one
and one half miles from exit).

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