RE: Tech Support vs. Psychic Friends Network [archived]

Dave Long (
Tue, 25 Aug 1998 22:44:40 -0700

>Okay, why the heck wasn't this archived?

Had been planning on archiving a pointer to an archive closer to the source,
but didn't want to take the time last night to track it down.

For instance, I'd attributed it to Nev Dull, but it actually appeared on Peter
Langston's Fun_People list <>
before then, already with a truncated forwards list.

Any good references on the flow of messages through irregularly-connected

Anyone have any interest in a FoRK-oracle sort of thing to which one could
submit bits, and flooding and presentation would be functions of the communal
and subscribers' states?

Q. "Who should these bits be forwarded to?"
A. "Many bits will change state."

Seems very similar to Rohit and Adam's requirement for lifestream archival
and message forwarding. I take it the best implementation is the wetware
one? What's the going rate? In the 30's, USD?

(though I suppose OSHA and other agencies would get bent out of shape
were you to ask Pythia to sit in a chair over psychoactive fumes and dress
as in <>)