A girlfriend for Rohit

Ron Resnick (rresnick@dialogosweb.com)
Wed, 26 Aug 1998 05:48:37 -0400


>Miss Internet Singapore 1999 Crowned
> SINGAPORE, 1998 AUG 25 (Newsbytes) -- Twenty-three year old university
> student Stella Tan was crowned Miss Internet Singapore over the
> weekend,
> beating eleven other contestants in the race for the title of the
> city-state's most
> beautiful, charming and Internet savvy citizen.
> Just like other beauty contests, contestants were judged on their
> looks, in
> evening dress and work-out wear, but unlike other contests swimsuits
> were out
> and the World Wide Web was in. The competition included a section on
> Internet skills and required all contestants to construct their own
> home pages.
> "I entered the contest because I wanted to contribute to society
> in a way I can
> and that I am good at," Tan told Newsbytes. "I can promote
> the Internet,
> especially to female users and tell them that it's not that difficult
> after all. If more
> of them venture onto the Internet, we will be able to get an equal
> population of
> male and female users."

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Pretty *and* Internet savvy?? Rohit, thy heart be still ;).