Etiquette: tipping against wine charges?

Rohit Khare (
Sat, 29 Aug 1998 02:18:31 +0000

Hmm. Now this is a new one: even pennypinching ol' me never thunk up that
you could deduct wine from the tippable base. Slate's advice column
indicates it is possible, though. And I've never seen anyone else's
deliberations on the matter -- either I never see the bill, or I never see
anyone else's portion.

Or else it might explain why our newfound friends at Charlie Trotter's are
so effusive... :-)

Feeling (two) grand,

Dear Prudence,
As we all know, wine in restaurants is frequently outrageously overpriced.
The alternative is to bring your own and expect to pay corkage. I have
noted, however, that even corkage charges are rising to an unacceptable
level. Aside from this, the charge is included in the bottom line bill. My
question is: What might be considered an appropriate tip on the total, give=
that the corkage charge is for service as well?
Appreciate your comments.
=8BJack in Piedmont, Calif.
Dear Jack,

Some people who dine out often and are wine drinkers tell Prudie that when
feeling expansive, they let the grand total determine the tip. (And
sometimes the total can be quite grand.) Other times, when overtaken by the
enough is enough gremlin, they compute the gratuity based on the food,
adding a modest increment to acknowledge that wine was served. As anyone wh=
can read a wine list knows, a bottle of wine can be tr=E8s pricey, and the
same effort is exerted pouring from a $14 bottle of wine as from one that
costs $90.
=8BPrudie, penuriously