New FoRK

Jay Thomas (
Sat, 29 Aug 1998 22:41:17 -0400

Well, Rohit, chalk up another friend on yer tote board. On Thursday,
Aug. 27, @ 10:52 a.m. EDT, Jillian Summerlee Thomas became the latest
FoRK. I still have to explain some of the posts to her, she doesn't
quite grasp C/C++, but, at 2 days old, she has already mastered
rudimentary HTML, as is evidenced by

For all those of you who have written me with helpful advice and tips
and plain old reassurance on fatherhood, thanks. Despite the utter hell
we went through (Kate more than I), the last two days have been
*amazing*. Holding this beautiful, precious life in my arms an hour
after she entered the world gave me a rush I've never felt before. I
can't stop smiling. I feel addicted. I spoke with my wife on the phone,
heard my daughter cooing, and instantly wanted to be back @ the
hospital. Amazing happiness! I finally understand the full implication
of "bundle of joy".

Jay (dad)